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James M. Alexander, FIDSA
Alexander, James M. 1921-2008

US industrial designer born in Chattanooga, TN who received a BS in architecture from the...

architect, dean, FIDSA, Raymond Lowey
Egmont Arens
Arens, Egmont 1888-1966

US package and industrial designer. He was sent by his family to New Mexico to recover from...

George A. Beck
Beck, George A. 1908-1977

U.S. industrial designer who graduated from the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, worked under Ann...

BecVar, Arthur N. 1911-2003


U.S. industrial designer who graduated with a BFA from Notre Dame University in...

BecVar, GE, Rideout
Peter Behrens
Behrens, Peter 1868-1940

German architect and designer who was born in Hamburg and studied painting at Karlsruhe and...

Harry Bertoia
Bertoia, Harry 1915-1978

Sculptor and furniture designer who was born in Italy, Bertoia emigrated to U.S. in 1930, and...

Melvin H. Boldt
Boldt, Melvin H. 1917-1981

U.S. industrial designer born in Chicago who attended the Armour Institute (now Illinois...

056-Bordinat, Eugene.jpg
Bordinat, Eugene 1920-1987

U.S. automotive designer born in Toledo, Ohio who attended the University of Michigan for two...

Robert E. Bourke
Bourke, Robert E. 1916-1996

This American industrial designer attended Chicago Art Institute and started as a staff designer...

Hin Bredendieck
Bredendieck, Hin 1904-1995

Industrial designer who was born in Aurich, Germany. Bredendieck enrolled as a Bauhaus student...

Robert Davol Budlong
Robert Davol Budlong
Budlong, Robert Davol 1902-1955

U.S. industrial designer born in Denver, Colo., studied art at Cummings School of Art in Des...

Gordon Buehrig
Buehrig, Gordon M. 1904-1990

U.S. automotive designer born in Mason City, IL who graduated from Bradley Polytechnic in Peoria...

David Chapman, FIDSA
Chapman, David 1909-1978

David Chapman, US architect and industrial designer, was an architectural graduate of the Armour...

Chapman, FIDSA
Chauncey Eugene 'Chick' Waltman (1896-1962)
Chauncey Eugene 'Chick' Waltman (1896-1962)

            U.S. industrial designer born near Columbus, Indiana,...

Donald Earl Dailey, FIDSA
Dailey, Donald Earl 1914-1997

A United States industrial designer who was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and attended art...

Dailey, FIDSA
Darrin, Howard A. "Dutch" 1897-1982

U.S. automotive designer born 1897 in Cranford, NJ to a family involved in the electrical...

Donald Deskey, FIDSA
Deskey, Donald 1894-1989

US industrial and packaging designer. He was born in Blue Earth, MN, studied architecture at the...

Deskey, FIDSA
Freda Diamond
Diamond, Freda 1905-1998

Ms. Diamond was born in New York City, the daughter of a theatrical costume designer. She...

Raymond Dietrich
Dietrich, Raymond 1894-1980

U.S. car designer who worked as an engraver before joining Brewster and Co., coachbuilders in...

Jay Doblin, FIDSA
Doblin, Jay 1920-1989

Jay Doblin (1920-1989) US industrial designer and educator. Jay was born in Brooklyn, NY and...

Doblin, FIDSA
Donald R. Dohner
Dohner, Donald R. 1897-1943

A US industrial designer, grew up in Indiana and studied at John Herron Art Institute,...

H. (Albert) Creston Doner
Doner, H. (Albert) Creston 1903-1991

US industrial designer born in Nevada, Ohio, he was raised on farms in Nebraska and Pennsylvania...

Harold Van Doren
Doren, Harold Van 1895-1957

Born in Chicago as Harold Livingston Van Doren, he finished high school in New Jersey and...

Henry Dreyfuss, FIDSA
Dreyfuss, Henry 1904-1972

US industrial designer. Henry Dreyfuss was born in Brooklyn, NY to a family in the theatrical...

Dreyfuss, FIDSA
Helen Dryden
Dryden, Helen 1887-1981

U.S. artist and industrial designer born in Baltimore with unusual artistic ability, designing...

Charles Eames image
Eames, Charles 1907-1978

US architect, designer and film-maker Charles Eames was born in St. Louis and studied...

Charles Eams
Harley J. Earl
Earl, Harley J. 1893-1969

Automotive designer, born in Hollywood, CA. Earl attended the University of Southern California...

Philip S. Egan
Egan, Philip S. 1920-2008

US industrial designer born in Evanston, IL. Egan attended Stewart Technical Institute in New...

Virgil Max Exner
Exner, Virgil Max 1909-1973

U.S. automotive designer born in Ann Arbor, Mich. Exner studied art at Notre Dame and started as...

Smith, Eugene.jpg
F. Eugene Smith (1923-2011) 1923-2011


Farey, Arden unknown-2009

Arden Farey, FIDSA A Personal Remberance I first met Arden in 1970 when I interviewed for an...

Farey, FIDSA
Buckminster Fuller, H/IDSA
Fuller, Buckminster 1895-1983

Born Richard Buckminster Fuller, he was one of the Century's most intellectual and radical...

Fuller, IDSA
Norman Bel Geddes
Geddes, Norman Bel 1893-1958

Born Norman Melancton Geddes in Adrian, MI, he studied briefly at Cleveland Institute of Art and...

Alexander Girard
Girard, Alexander 1907- 1993

US architect and interior designer, Alexander Girard was born in New York City and raised in...

Goldberg, Robert I. 1919-ca. 2009?

     U.S. industrial designer born in Brooklyn, NY, who attended special art...

Gordon Florian (1909-1984)
Gordon Florian

           U. S. industrial designer who studied at Yale...

Clarence F. (Cal) Graser
Graser, Clarence F. (Cal) 1923- 2000

U.S. industrial designer who was born in Toledo, Ohio, served with the Army Air Force in World...

Eileen Gray.jpg
Gray, Eileen 1878-1976

Irish interior, furniture and architectural designer who studied at the Slade School of Art in...

E.T. "Bob" Gregorie, Jr.
Gregorie, E.T. "Bob", Jr. 1908-2004

U. S. automotive designer who was born in New York City and raised in Cedarhurst, Long Island....

Walter Adolph Gropius
Gropius, Walter Adolph 1883-1969

German architect and educator who had pivotal role in the modern movement. He was born in Berlin...

Lurelle Guild
Guild, Lurelle 1898-1986

Lurelle Van Arsdale Guild was born in Syracuse, New York in 1898. He attended Syracuse...

Tom Hardy
Hardy, Tom 1946

Design strategist Tom Hardy was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1946. He attended Auburn...

Tom Hardy
Jon William Hauser, FIDSA
Hauser, Jon William 1916-1999

US industrial designer, born in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. Hauser began his career in 1936 with...

FIDSA, Hauser
Hershey, Frank Q.jpg
Hershey, Franklin (Frank) Q. 1907-1997

U.S. automotive designer who was born in Michigan and raised in Beverly Hills and La Puente, CA...

Hibbard, Tom.jpg
Hibbard, Thomas 1897

U. S. automotive designer, born in Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, NY, who before graduation from...

Audrey Moore Hodges
Hodges, Audrey Moore 1918-1996

U.S. automotive designer born Audrey Moore in Plymouth, MI, she was probably the first full-time...

Clare Hodgman c. 1955
Hodgman, Clare E. 1911-1972

U.S. Industrial designer born in Buchanon, Michigan who started his career as a designer with...

Alfonso Iannelli
Iannelli, Alfonso 1888-1965

Sculptor, graphic artist, interior and industrial designer who was born in Italy, came to the U....

Gifford Jackson (b. 1922)
Jackson, Gifford L./IDSA, FDINZ, MCSD 1922

        U.S. industrial designer born in Auckland, New Zealand, who, at 90...

Gustav Jensen
Jensen, Gustav 1898

Danish industrial designer, artist and letterer who emigrated to U.S. and settled in New York...

Jiranek, Leo.jpg
Jiranek, Leo 1900-1990

This US industrial designer was born in Grand Rapids, MI and known as Jerry. After preparing for...

furniture, Jiranek
John Gordon Rideout (1898-1951)
John Gordon Rideout (1898-1951)

         U.S. industrial designer born in St. Paul, Minnesota, who...

John McLeod Little (1906-1996)

        U.S. industrial designer born in Minneapolis, Minnesota who studied...

Jack Morgan (1903-1986)
John Richard 'Jack' Morgan 1903-1986

 U.S. industrial designer, born Juan Ricardo Morgan in...

Jordan, Charles.jpg
Jordan, Charles 'Chuck' 1927-2010

Automotive designer born in Whittier, CA. who, as a national award winner in the Fisher Body...

György Kepes
Kepes, György 1906-2001

Painter, designer, educator and art theorist born in Selyp, Hungary. In 1924, he enrolled in the...

Alexander Jusserand Kostellow
Kostellow, Alexander Jusserand 1900-1954

Regarded by many as the "father" of industrial design education, he was born in Persia (Iran) as...

General Motors, office
Otto Kuhler image
Kuhler, Otto 1894-1977

US industrial designer born in Remscheid near Essen, Germany, who became one of the best known...

Thomas Babbit Lamb
Lamb, Thomas Babbit 1897-1988

A US inventor, industrial designer and cartoonist, Tom Lamb was born in New York City. He...

ALCOA, Cutlery, FIDSA, Thomas Babbit Lamb
Adolph Lambach (1912-2008)
Lambach, Adolph 1912-2008

United States Industrial designer born in Hamburg, Germany who immigrated with his parents to...

Art Center, Habley Library, Lambach
Walter Landor image
Landor, Walter 1913-1995

Industrial and package designer born in Munich, Germany, Landor was a founder/partner of the...

Brand, Landor, Package, Trademark
Laszlo, Paul.jpg
László, Paul 1900-1993

Paul László, Hungarian architect, interior and product designer, was born László Pál in Debrecen...

Richard Latham image
Latham, Richard S. 1920-1991

Dick Latham was born in Kansas City, and studied engineering at Kansas City Engineering School....

FIDSA, Latham, Loewy
Alan H. Leamy
Alan H. Leamy (1902-1935)
Leamy, Alan H. 1902-1935

U.S. automotive designer born in Arlington, Maryland, grew up in Columbus, Ohio. In 1905 he was...

J. Gordon Lippincott
J. Gordon Lippincott
Lippincott, J. Gordon 1909-1998

US industrial designer who graduated from Swarthmore College in 1931 as an engineer, and...

Raymond Loewy image
Loewy, Raymond FIDSA 1893-1986

Probably the most widely known US industrial designer. Born in Paris, and as a 15-year old boy,...

Brand, FIDSA, Raymond Loewy, Transportation
Strother MacMinn
MacMinn, Strother 1919-1998

U.S. auto designer and educator who grew up in Pasadena CA. A frequent visitor to automobile...

Walter Margulies image
Margulies, Walter 1914-1986

Margulies had been an architect and interior designer for the Schine Company chain of hotels and...

Brand, Lippincott, Margulies, Product
Paul McCobb image
McCobb, Paul 1917-1969

U.S. industrial designer who had no formal design training, but who opened his own studio in New...

Mitchell, William.jpg
Mitchell, William L. 1912-1988

U.S. automotive designer who was born in Cleveland and grew up in Greenville, PA. His father was...

Laszlo Moholy-Nagy image
Moholy-Nagy, László 1895-1946

Hungarian painter, photographer, filmmaker, typographer and educator. He studied law in Budapest...

Peter Muller-Munk image
Muller-Munk, Peter 1904-1967

Peter studied as a silversmith at the University of Berlin and emigrated from Germany to the US...

ALCOA, Carnegie Institute of Technology, FIDSA, Peter Muller-Monk, PMMA, Tiffany’s
Horwitt, c. 1960:250KB.jpg
Nathan George Horwitt (1898-1990)

           U.S. industrial designer born in Russia and as a child...

George Nelson, FIDSA
Nelson, George 1908-1986

Architect, furniture designer and author George Nelson was one of the most influential figures...

FIDSA, Nelson
Walter Von Nessen image
Nessen, Walter Von 1889-1943

This lighting and furniture designer was born in Germany and emigrated to the US in 1925. In...

Architecture, furniture, Lighting, Walter Von Nessen
Noguchi, Isamu 1904-1988

U.S. sculptor and designer who was born in Los Angeles to Leonie Gilmour, an Irish-American...

Noguchi, Zenith Radio
Amos Northup
Northup, Amos 1889-1937

US automotive designer born in Bellevue, Ohio, and attended Cleveland Polytechnic Institute,...

Eliot Fette Noyes, FIDSA
Noyes, Eliot Fette 1910-1977

US architect and industrial designer Eliot Noyes was born in Boston, studied architecture at...

FIDSA, Noyes
Carl Otto
Otto, Carl d.c. 1986

U.S. industrial designer, who was born Carl Louis Otto in Michigan and was trained as an...

David L. Painter (c. 1952)
Painter, David L. 1915?

         U.S. industrial designer born in Monroeville, IN, who was a...

Victor Papanek image
Papanek, Victor 1925-1998

Designer, anthropologist, writer, and teacher, Victor Papanek was born in Vienna, Austria and...

Author, furniture, Papanek
Ray Patten image
Patten, Raymond E. 1897-1948

Ray, a U.S. industrial designer born in Malden, MA, attended Harvard and studied engineering at...

Geneal Electric, Raymond E. Patten, Transportation
Paul T. Frankl (1886-1958)

     U.S. industrial designer born in Vienna, Austria, who was a member of the...

Jaap Penraat
Penraat, Jaap 1918-2006

US architect and industrial designer born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where he trained as an...

Jean Otis Reinecke, FIDSA
Reinecke, Jean Otis 1909-1987

Jean Reinecke was born in Bourbon County, Kansas and started his own sign painting shop at age...

FIDSA, Reinecke
William Renwick image
Renwick, William Crosby 1914-1992

Bill Renwick received an architectural degree in 1937 and a masters degree in architecture in...

Loewy, Renwick
Jens Risom
Risom, Jens 1916 -

This US industrial designer was born in Copenhagen and studied at the Copenhagen School of...

Gilbert Rohde
Rohde, Gilbert 1894-1944

US industrial designer, born in New York. He became familiar with cabinetmaking in his father's...

Mies van der Rohe image
Rohe, Ludwig Mies van der 1886-1969

Architect, furniture designer and educator, Mies is one of the four great "form givers" of the...

Eero Saarinen
Saarinen, Eero 1910-1961

U.S. architect and furniture designer, born in Kirkkonummi, Finland, son of Eliel Saarinen,...

Alexis de Sakhnoffsky
Sakhnoffsky, Alexis de 1901-1964

Automotive and industrial designer who was born in Moscow, Russia as Alexis Wladimirovich de...

George Sakier
Sakier, George 1897-1988

American industrial designer, artist, and engineer who studied engineering at Columbia...

Ray Sandin image
Sandin, Raymond C. 1910- 1986

U.S. industrial designer who was born in Sweden. He came to the U.S. at age 20 and studied...

Schory, Ken Sr.jpeg
Schory, Kenneth P. 1921-1991

US industrial designer who graduated from Pratt Institute in 1942. He worked with Grumman...

Viktor Schreckengost image
Schreckengost, Viktor 1906-2008

Born in Sebring, OH to a potter father, Schreckengost studied cartooning at the Cleveland School...

Jazz, Murray, Schreckenost
Jo Sinel image
Sinel, Joseph (Jo) Claude 1889-1975

He was self-described as the first "industrial designer" in the US, because he stamped the title...

Hearing Aids
Sason_ Sixten.jpg
Sixten Sason 1916-1967

Swedish industrial designer born Sixten Andersson in Skövde, Sweden, was trained as a fine...

Hasselblad, Husqvarna, Saab, Sixten Sason
Specht, Paul 1925-2005

That’s why I have a passion to try to understand. . . It’s a way of dealing with what I suppose...

Brooks Stevens
Stevens, Brooks 1908-1986

Brooks Stevens (1911-1995). Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he studied architecture at Cornell...

Automotive, FIDSA, Housewares, Stevens
Stout, William Bushnell.jpg
Stout, William Bushnell 1880-1956

U.S. automotive and aeronautical designer who was born in Quincy, Illinois, and attended Hamline...

William Stumpf image
Stumpf, William "Bill" 1936-2006

US industrial designer born in St. Louis, who received a degree in industrial design from the...

furniture, Herman Miller, Stumpf
Swainson, Anne 1900-1955

Swedish designer who emigrated to the U.S. and studied Fine and Applied Arts at Columbia...

Teague, Richard A. 1923-1991

U.S. automotive designer who was born in Los Angeles. His mother worked in the motion picture...

Walter Dorwin Teague image
Teague, Walter Dorwin 1883-1960

US industrial designer, called the "dean of industrial design" by many. Born in Decatur, IN, he...

Consumer Products, Teague
John Tjaarda image
Tjaarda, John 1897-1962

A US product and automotive designer, Tjaarda (pronounced "charda") was born in Holland of a...

Chrysler, Ford
Alex Sarantos Tremulis
Tremulis, Alex Sarantos 1914-1994

U.S. automobile designer who was born in Chicago, Ill., and as a youngster, loved toy cars,...

Joseph Urban (1872-1933)
Urban, Joseph 1872-1933

U.S. designer and architect born in Vienna, Austria, where he studied at the Royal Academy of...

John Vassos image
Vassos, John 1893-1985

US industrial designer. Born in Constantinople as the son of a Greek publisher and diplomat, he...

George W. Walker (1896-1993)
Walker, George W. 1896-1993

U.S. automotive and industrial designer who was born in Chicago, and attended the Cleveland...

Don Wallance
Wallance, Don 1909-1990

US industrial designer born in Queens who graduated from New York University with a BA and the...

Teague WDT Jr. c. 1960s:1.6MB.jpg
Walter Dorwin Teague, Jr. (1910-2004)

         U. S. industrial designer born in Forest Hills Gardens, New...

Kem Weber image
Weber, Kem 1889-1963

German industrial designer who apprenticed as a cabinetmaker and graduated from the...

Airline chair, Modern Furniture
Russel Wright image
Wright, Russel 1904-1976

Between 1921 and 1924, Wright attended the Art Students League in New York and the Columbia...

American Modern, Russel Wright
Kim Yamasaki (1915-1999)
Yamasaki, Kim 1915-1999

      A U.S. industrial designer born in Los Angeles CA of Japanese immigrant...