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About Us

Bret H. Smith, Auburn University

Industrial Design History Website

Bret Smith, IDSA - Founder and Website Director

Vicki Matranga H/IDSA – Website Co-Director; Design Programs Coordinator International Housewares Association; Design Historian

Paul Possien, IDSA - Web designer

Ying Zhao, IDSA student member, Web master

Advisory Council Shea Tillman, IDSA; Chris Arnold, IDSA; Dave Tompkins, FIDSA; Carroll Gantz, FIDSA; Budd Steinhilber, FIDSA; Ed Zagorski, FIDSA, Tom Hardy; Wei Wang; Clark Lundell, IDSA, AIA; David Kusuma, FIDSA, and Warren Ginn, IDSA.


INDUSTRIAL DESIGN HISTORY SITE MISSION STATEMENT This website celebrates the profession of industrial design. It has its origins in the phrase that many, if not all of us uttered as children, "Tell me a story." The site is designed as a resource for industrial designers, design historians and those interested in design It is a place where designers can contribute stories and images as well as audio and video files about designers and firms they’ve worked with, products they’ve design, and lessons they’ve learned. We are committed to collecting and preserving these stories and to promoting design history research and scholarship. We hope that you will aid us in contributing any experiences you have and give us feedback on how we can improve this resource.