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America at Home: A Celebration of Twentieth-Century Housewares

Matranga, Victoria Kasuba
National Housewares Manufacturers Association
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America at Home: A Celebration of Twentieth-Century Housewares is delightful to look at and informative to read. The book is filled with high-quality images (laid out by graphic designer Karen Kohn) combined with carefully-researched text that describes not only the objects, but also the periods in which they were invented and became popular. It examines their connection to the lives of women, the development of the home, and the evolution of the retail environment for housewares. America at Home provides an informative context through the use of photos, magazine ads, and scholarship that connects the reader with the progression of housewares products from 1900 through 1996. 


The book also provides a history of the National Housewares Manufacturers Association and specific information on a number of prominent housewares manufacturers.


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