Davin Stowell

Good Grips

Carroll Gantz
Stowell, Davin
Good Grips

OXO International—founded in 1989 by Sam Farber—introduced Good Grips kitchen utensils, with oversized, ergonomic handles. This new line was designed by Davin Stowell, IDSA, Dan Formosa, IDSA, Tucker Viemeister, FIDSA, Michael Callahan, IDSA, Steve Russak, IDSA and Steve Allendorf, IDSA of Smart Design, and Sam Farber, Betsy Farber and John Farber of OXO. The line was an instant success. In 2000, IDSA named it a “Design of the Decade.” In 2003, IDSA honored Sam Farber for his lifetime commitment to design in founding a number of successful houseware companies, including Copco in 1960, OXO in 1990 and WOVO in 2003. The Good Grips line continued to expand and was recognized as an outstanding example of universal design, or inclusive design, providing improved gripping for elderly or handicapped individuals, as well as for all users. Each product in the range is readily identifiable as belonging to the Good Grips brand and OXO has been successful in cultivating a sense of brand loyalty. Since the first 20 Good Grips products debuted in 1990, nearly 100 products have been introduced. The growth of the company has been equally rapid. From an initial turnover of $3 million in 1991, its sales have grown by 50% each year since. The company attributes its success to understanding the consumer's needs and practicing user-centered design.

100 Years of Design consists of excerpts from a book by Carroll M. Gantz, FIDSA, entitled, Design Chronicles: Significant Mass-produced Designs of the 20th Century, published August 2005 by Schiffer Publications, Ltd.
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