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Paul Specht History Timeline

Date Images Description Key Words
1998 Wringable mop Freudenberg. Paul Specht
2000 Mop, mop element, & mop element assembly Freudenberg. Paul Specht
2001 Self-Wringing flat Freudenberg. Mop Freudenberg. Paul Specht
Electric toothbrush Unilever Home & Personal Care
Self=Wringing flat Freudenberg
Mop Freudenberg. Wring mop Freudenberg. Cleaning implement Freudenberg. Mop & mop element Freudenberg. Paul Specht
Broom, method, & broom display Freudenberg
Paul Specht
Golf club Chapel Golf, Inc.
Golf clubs & methods of manufacture Chapel Golf, Inc. Paul Specht
Scrubbing device Todd A. Williams
Paul Specht
Twist mop, Freudenberg
Paul Specht
2009 Patent applied for roof tape and nail dispenser. Paul Specht