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Paul Specht History Timeline

Date Images Description Key Words
Safety glasses Vallen Corporation
System for opening and emptying containers. Heartland Chemicals. Paul Specht
Battery-powered surgical drills Stryker Medical
Paul Specht
Johnson Outboard Motor Line Outboard Marine Corporation
OMC outboard motor mounting brackets and engine Outboard Marine Corporation
OMC outboard motor Outboard Marine Corporation
Paul Specht
Ventilated splash proof goggles Encon Corporation
Paul Specht
Handheld micro-surgery tools Micrins
Paul Specht
1991 Manicure tool holder & tools Paul Specht
1994 Royal Enfield redesign, Enfield India Corporation. Paul Specht
Self tensioning fencing system Tensar Corporation
Paul designs temporary fencing that is now used on almost every construction site. Goldsmith, Yamaski, & Specht is sold to First Company Paul stays on as Senior Designer. Wringable flat-surface mop M B Walton. First Company sells GYS to Sundberg-Ferar. Paul serves as senior design counsel & reactivates PBS Design Inc. Paul Specht
Protective eyewear Encon Safety
Spray dispenser case Waterbury Co., Inc. Retaining Block Wall System. Method of forming a framed panel utilizing tensioning by heat shrinking - Tensar Corp. Paul Specht
1997 Self-Tensioning permanent fence system Tensar Corporation. Panel framing system Tensar Corporation. Panel framing system with tension by heat Tensar Corporation. Paul Specht