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November 19 - Day 5 – Prototyping A Low Fidelity Digital Twin Device

Design News - Thu, 2021-12-02 13:48
Participants will learn to build a low fidelity Digital Twin Device using a Node RED.  Participants will build a dashboard that will connect to a physical computing based device. Further, participants will learn how to access the digital twin on

November 18 - Day 4 – Node Red and the Arduino

Design News - Thu, 2021-12-02 13:44
Participants of Day 4 webinar course will learn how to connect an Arduino to Node RED. Participants will learn basics of Arduino Firmata and communicating with Node RED through a Raspberry Pi. Wiring a pushbutton switch and potentiometer to the Ardui

November 17 - Day 3 – Exploring Node-RED Widgets

Design News - Thu, 2021-12-02 13:40
Participants will learn Node-RED widgets through small interactive lab activities. Participants will learn constructing an interactive gauge. Lastly, participants will build a temperature sensor simulator with gauge using Node-RED. Participants will

November 16 - Day 2 – Node-RED and the Raspberry Pi

Design News - Thu, 2021-12-02 13:36
Installation and setup of the Node-RED on the Raspberry Pi will be discussed on Day 2 webinar session. Participants will learn how to install Node-RED on the Raspberry Pi in this session. Appropriate testing of the installation and layout of the bloc

November 15 - Day 1 – Node-RED-An Overview

Design News - Thu, 2021-12-02 13:28
CEC participants will be introduced to Node RED. Further, participants will learn a historical perspective of Node RED. A discussion on Node RED installation,  IoT dashboard layout, a user interface, and widgets will be presented. Lastly, partic

October 29 - Day 5 – Beyond UML

Design News - Thu, 2021-12-02 13:01
UML diagrams are fantastic for communicating design intent, but they only show part of the picture. This session will discuss essential charts needed in embedded software architecture, such as an isolation model, task model, and more! Attendees will

October 28 - Day 4 – Tools and Techniques for Developing an Architecture

Design News - Thu, 2021-12-02 12:59
Engineers love their tools! The right tool for the right job can dramatically simplify and accelerate development. In this session, attendees will explore different tools and techniques used to develop embedded software architectures. In addition, we

October 27 - Day 3 – State Machines, State Charts, and Event-Driven Behavior

Design News - Thu, 2021-12-02 12:56
Embedded systems can commonly be broken down into a series of states and state machines. The system transitions between these different states depending on events occurring within the system. This session will explore how to use state machines and st

October 26 - Day 2 – Introduction to UML Diagrams

Design News - Thu, 2021-12-02 12:52
Without a common language, developers would not effectively communicate their design intent to their colleagues. UML is the language software architects use to design a system. This session will explore UML, the notations, and diagrams and how they c

October 25 - Day 1 – Embedded Software Architecture Design

Design News - Thu, 2021-12-02 12:44
Having a well-thought-out, architected design can dramatically improve the chances of a development team building their system successfully. The architecture is the roadmap coders use to help implement the system. This session will discuss software a

September 24 - Day 5 – Scratch Building a TFT click

Design News - Thu, 2021-12-02 12:22
All week we have been toggling Raspberry Pi 4B GPIO, sensing temperature and humidity, transferring SMS messages, and trying to figure out where we are. It is time to break out the CAD program and the soldering iron. Today, we will scratch build a cl

September 23 - Day 4 – Getting a Fix - Raspberry Pi 4B GPS Driver

Design News - Thu, 2021-12-02 12:19
Today, we will write a Raspberry Pi 4B application to take advantage of all of the GPS features provided by the u-blox LEA-6S position engine. Most of today’s code will “slice and dice” GPS sentences. Our goal is to make some sense of all of the data

September 22 - Day 3 – Cellular Communication and the Raspberry Pi 4B

Design News - Thu, 2021-12-02 12:16
These days everyone is walking around face down with a cell phone in hand. So, why not put some usable data on that cell phone display? Today, we will write a pair of Raspberry Pi 4B applications for a couple of GSM modules. Our first GSM application

September 21 - Day 2 – Sockets and Raspberry Pi 4B GPIO

Design News - Thu, 2021-12-02 12:12
Now that we have established and verified our Raspberry Pi 4B baseline configuration, we can now put our Raspberry Pi 4B-based IoT platform to work. Today, we will code a TCP/IP socket application that targets the Raspberry Pi 4B’s GPIO subsystem. We

September 20 - Day 1 – Base Configuration Setup: Hardware and Software

Design News - Thu, 2021-12-02 12:04
We begin the lecture series by establishing a baseline Raspberry Pi 4B hardware and software configuration. Today, we will load our Raspberry Pi 4B with the latest Linux operating system software. Once the Raspberry Pi 4B Linux image installation is

August 27 - Day 5 – Simulator Driving and Mobile Robots

Design News - Thu, 2021-12-02 10:50
Participants will learn to operate their Osoyoo mobile robot with a mobile simulator driving app.  They will assemble a Bluetooth module to the compatible Arduino development board and will learn Bluetooth basics while testing their simulator dr

August 26 - Day 4 – Mobile Robots and Ultrasonics

Design News - Thu, 2021-12-02 10:46
Participants of Day 4 will learn about robots and ultrasonic sensors from the basics through experimentation with a TinkerCAD circuits model. Participants will assemble and test their mobile robot with the assembled ultrasonic sensor.

August 25 - Day 3 – Mobile Robots and Infrared (IR) Control

Design News - Thu, 2021-12-02 10:43
Participants will learn to operate their mobile robot with IR remote control, the basics of IR detection, and the associated electronics technology. Participants will assemble the IR receiver to test their Osoyoo mobile robot.  Test code for ope

August 24 - Day 2 – Mobile Robot Body Platform

Design News - Thu, 2021-12-02 10:38
Various construction platform methods of building a mobile robot body will be discussed on Day 2. Participants will be instructed on building their Osoyoo mobile robot. Appropriate electrical wiring and circuit schematic diagrams for attaching the mo

August 23 - Day 1 – Mobile Robots: An Overview

Design News - Thu, 2021-12-02 10:24
CEC participants will be introduced to mobile robots. Participants will gain a historical perspective of mobile robots and an overview of the Osoyoo mobile robot kit. A discussion on the main sections of a mobile robot will be presented. A hands-on l